The following catering suggestions help you to make the right selection for your event. These suggestions cover different flavor combinations and include the most popular Palestinian dishes. This selection also gives you an idea about the price ranges. The prices always reflect the amount of work and some traditional recipes, such as stuffed zucchini or dawali are more resource intensive than others. My food is always freshly prepared, seasonal and homemade starting from the dough to the fillings.

You can also change this suggestion and replace some recipes. If you need any help in choosing your menu, please don´t hesitate to contact me under or 059 574 09 53!


Catering Suggestion 1: Palestinian Snacks

600 NIS without meat or 650 NIS with meat*

  1. Maqloubeh with or without Chicken
  2. Cucumber Yoghurt Salad
  3. Tabouleh
  4. Fatoush Salad
  5. Baba Ganug
  6. Harrisi
  7. Cupcake Knafih


Catering Suggestion 2: Rich traditional Palestinian Menu

800 NIS without meat or 900 NIS with meat*

  1. Maqloubeh with or without Chicken
  2. Spinach and cheese Pies
  3. Stuffed zucchini OR Dawali with or without meat
  4. Cucumber Yoghurt Salad
  5. Tabouleh
  6. Fatoush Salad
  7. Baba Ganug
  8. Mabruscha OR Harrisi
  9. Cupcake Knafih


Catering Suggestion 3: Healthy Vegetarian Menu

700 NIS*

  1. Mjadara
  2. Stuffed eggplant
  3. Cucumber Yoghurt Salad
  4. Tabouleh
  5. Fatoush Salad
  6. Apple Carrot Salad
  7. Baba Ganug
  8. Coconut Balls
  9. Harrisi

*the prices are calculated for a quantity for 15-20 persons.