Cooking Classes

If you are interested in learning how to cook the most famous Palestinian recipes, I also offer cooking classes. The cooking classes can be hold for max. 6 persons and cost 80 NIS for each participant. It covers 4 hours cooking and a joint dinner at the end of each class. Please find here a suggestion for a menu of a typical cooking class. The menu might vary depending on the season.

If you would like to learn another recipe, please don´t hesitate to contact me under or 059 574 09 53!

Menu Suggestion for a Cooking Class

  1. Baba Ganug
  2. Fatoush Salad
  3. Maqloubeh
  4. Mzakhan OR Spinach Pies OR Stuffed Zucchini OR Dawali (depending on the season)
  5. Cupcake Knafih